Anderson & Jung recognizes the importance of your privacy. This statement is intended to inform you about the information we collect from visits to our website, blogs, and social media accounts (hereinafter collectively referred to as “website”) and through other offline means of collection, how we use that information, and with whom the information may be shared.

Who we are

Our website address is: We are a limited liability partnership organized under the laws of the state of California for the practice of law.

Scope of Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement applies to information that we collect online through our website as well as other methods of collection, for example  information you share with us verbally, in writing, in email messages to our lawyers, consultants or employees, or to information obtained during the course of representing a client.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

Information we obtain from visits to our website can be broadly described as the personal information that visitors provide us, as well as technical information that we collect through the use of technology concerning those visits.

Personal Information

Visitors to our website have the opportunity to register for events, seminars or webinars; sign up to receive newsletters, publications and marketing materials; apply for employment; or respond to surveys. From our website, we will collect any information that you voluntarily provide us such as your name, email address, telephone, mobile or fax numbers; your company or firm name; and other business contact information. We will also collect other types of information you might provide such as preferences as to the types of information—such as notice of seminars or events, or publications—that you would like to receive, as well as responses to surveys or questionnaires. We may endeavor to determine whether you are a current or former client of the firm from the information you provide.  If you are a resident of the State of California please see the section entitled “California Visitors” below for additional information concerning personal information under the California Consumer Privacy Act.

Consent and Withdrawing Your Consent

You are under no obligation to provide us with your personal information when visiting our website. Whether you provide any personal information is entirely voluntary and is solely within your discretion. You will suffer no legal detriment if you decide not to provide any of the requested personal information. We may be unable to provide you with any services or information you request, however, if you decide not to provide us with some or all of the personal information requested via our website.

You can withdraw your consent to our possession or processing of any of the personal information you provide us, at any time. To do so, you can either send an email to or contact our Privacy Officer as explained at the end of this Privacy Statement.

Technical Information

We collect certain types of technical information provided by the browser of the computer, tablet or mobile device used when visiting our website, such as:

Usage Details, IP Addresses and Browser Type

When you visit our website, we collect technical information such as your internet protocol (IP) address, your computer or device’s operating system and browser type, geo-location data, and the pages of our website that you visit. Most browsers transmit this type of information to websites automatically. We will anonymize your IP address. We collect this information to administer and manage our website, to ensure that it functions properly, and to review aggregate information.


Like many other websites, our website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that are downloaded to the browser of a computer, tablet or smartphone used to visit a website. A cookie will identify your browser, help you log in and improve the navigation of a website. We use cookies to help us improve the performance of our website. Cookies allow us to review the number of visitors to our website and understand a visitor’s usage patterns; track key performance indicators such as pages visited, frequency of visits, downloads and other statistical information; know whether a visitor views the mobile or desktop version of our website; recognize visitors if they return to our website; store information about visitors’ past visits; and remember visitors’ preferences.

You may be able to disallow cookies by modifying the settings in your browser. To learn more about cookies, and how to disallow or manage them, go to: If you choose not to accept cookies, you may be unable to access certain parts or pages of our website.

How we use and process your information

We may process the information you provide and that we collect via our website to:

We will not share or sell your personal information to third parties for marketing purposes.

We will not use your personal data for making any automated decisions affecting you or your legal rights or for creating profiles other than as described above.

Limited Information sharing

We may share the information you provide us on a confidential basis with contractors, vendors or service providers that support our firm’s operations and our website, but only for those purposes. This may include, for instance, tracking registrations, confirming attendance and providing your biographic information to attendees of our programs. If you are seeking continuing legal or privacy education credit after attending one of our educational offerings, we will provide certain personal information you provide us to the appropriate authorities in the state(s) in which you seek CLE credit or to the International Association of Privacy Professionals (“IAPP”) if you are seeking CPE credit.

We may also share your personal information with courts, law enforcement authorities, regulators, attorneys or other parties when it is reasonably necessary for the establishment, exercise or defense of a legal or equitable claim, or for purposes of an alternative dispute resolution process; to comply with a subpoena or court order, legal process or other legal requirement, or when we believe in good faith that such disclosure is necessary to comply with the law, prevent imminent physical harm or material financial loss; to investigate, or prevent or take action concerning, illegal activities, suspected fraud or threats to our firm, any of its lawyers or our property; or as necessary in connection with an investigation of fraud, intellectual property infringement, piracy or other unlawful activity.

Links to social media and third party sites

Our website may include links to blogs, social media and other third-party websites. These third-party sites have their own privacy policies and terms of use and are not controlled by this Privacy Statement or the terms of our website’s disclaimer. You should carefully review any terms, conditions and policies of such third-party sites before visiting them or supplying them with any personal information. If you follow a link to any third-party site, any information you provide that site will be governed by its own terms of use and privacy policy and not this Privacy Statement.

Anderson Jung is not responsible for the privacy or security of any information you provide to a third-party website or the information practices used by any third-party site, including links to any third-party site from Anderson Jung’s website. We make no representations, express or implied, concerning the accuracy, privacy, safety, security or the information practices of any third-party site. The inclusion of a link to a third-party site on our website does not constitute any type of endorsement of the linked site by Anderson Jung. Anderson Jung is not responsible for any loss or damage you may sustain resulting from your use of any third-party website or any information you share with a third-party website.

Your contact information

It is important that the personal information we have about you is accurate. If any of the personal information you provide us should ever change—for instance if you change your email address or phone number—or should you wish to change your preferences or to stop receiving announcements from us, or if you wish to correct any inaccurate personal information about yourself or to delete any personal information that you provided through your visits to our website, please let us know by sending an email to or contacting our Privacy Officer as explained at the end of this Privacy Statement. We are not responsible for any losses that could arise from any inaccurate, deficient or incomplete personal information that you provide to the firm.

For security reasons, we may need to request specific information from you to help us verify your identity before we correct, update or delete any personal information you provide us.

Information Security

We have implemented appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect your personal information from inadvertent or unauthorized access, use, disclosure, alteration or destruction. No method of data storage or data transmission over the internet, however, is guaranteed to be completely secure. Your use of our website, and any personal information that you transmit over the internet to our website, is at your own risk.

Rights of individuals

Privacy and Data Protection laws are increasingly providing individuals with rights with respect to the personal information that individuals have provided to organizations.

It is Anderson Jung’s position to offer certain rights to all individuals, regardless of whether a statutory requirement exists. The rights that Anderson Jung offers to all individuals include the following:

Rights to disclosure

You have the right to ask what personal information Anderson Jung’ has collected about you. You have the right to obtain a copy of your personal data free of charge so long as it does not adversely affect the rights of others. We may charge a reasonable fee based on administrative costs for excessive requests. The right of access includes the right to request that we update, correct or complete your personal information in our possession.

Exercising your right to data portability means that Anderson Jung may provide the information you have requested in a “portable” format. We will accommodate your request by providing your information in a pdf or similar portable file format.

Rights to deletion

You have a right to request that your personal data be deleted or erased when it is no longer needed for the purposes for which it was collected or processed, when you withdraw your consent, when data is unlawfully processed, to comply with a legal obligation, or when you object to the processing and we are unable to demonstrate compelling, legitimate grounds for the processing that overrides your rights, freedoms or interests. Personal data does not have to be erased when and to the extent it is necessary “for the establishment, exercise, or defense of legal claims.”

California Visitors

In addition to the rights set forth above in this Privacy Statement, if you are an individual who is also a California resident, you are afforded rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”), which allows you to make certain requests about your personal information in our possession. Specifically, the CCPA allows you to request us to:

The CCPA further provides you with the right to not be discriminated against (as provided for in applicable law) for exercising your rights.

Please note that certain information may be exempt from such requests under California law. For example, the CCPA provides that we are not required to comply with a request to delete personal information if the information is necessary for our Firm to:

Furthermore, we are not obligated under the CCPA to respond to any request where compliance or disclosure would violate an evidentiary privilege under California law, or conflict with federal or state law.

The CCPA, does not require that we provide personal information to a consumer more than twice in a twelve month period.  Any disclosures we make will only cover the twelve (12) month period preceding the request.

Regulations proposed by the California Attorney General prohibit us from disclosing specific pieces of personal information if the disclosure creates a substantial, articulable and unreasonable risk to the security of that information or the security of our systems or networks. These proposed regulations further prohibit us from disclosing in response to a consumer’s request a Social Security number, driver’s license number, other government issued identification number, financial account number, any health insurance or medical identification number, an account password or security questions and answers.

Before we respond to any request involving personal information, the CCPA requires that we confirm the identity of the person making the request, and if the request is made on behalf of another person, his or her authority to make the request on the other person’s behalf.  We are not obligated to provide or to delete any information pursuant to your request if we are unable to adequately verify your identity or the identity of the person making the request on your behalf.  Accordingly, we will take reasonable steps to verify your identity before responding to a request, which may include, at a minimum, depending on the sensitivity of the information you are requesting and the type of request you are making, verifying your name, email address, and other account information. If we cannot verify your identity, we will not be able to respond to or take action upon such request.

You are also permitted to designate an authorized agent to submit certain requests on your behalf. In order for an authorized agent to be verified, you must provide the authorized agent with signed, written permission to make such requests or a power of attorney. We may also follow up with you to verify your identity before processing the authorized agent’s request.

For our Privacy Notice for California Residents in Connection with Professional Services, please see here.

If there is a discrepancy between any of the other provisions of this Privacy Statement and the requirements of the CCPA involving an individual who is a California resident, the CCPA shall govern our obligations and responses.

In addition, the California Civil Code permits California residents with whom we have an established business relationship to request that we provide you with a list of certain categories of personal information that we have disclosed to third parties for their direct marketing purposes during the preceding calendar year. To make such a request, please contact our Privacy Officer as explained at the end of this Privacy Statement and mention that you are making a “California Shine the Light” inquiry.

Visitors from outside the US

If you are visiting our website from outside the United States (“U.S.”), any information you voluntarily provide via our website and any technical information from the browser of your computer, tablet or mobile device will be transferred out of your country and into the U.S., where our law firm is located. The laws and protections available to the privacy of your personal information in the U.S. may significantly differ from the protections available in your country. Personal data transferred to the U.S. may be subject to lawful access requests by state and federal authorities in the U.S. If you do not want any personal information to be transferred to the U.S., please do not provide that information to our firm via our website.

Visitors from the European Union

On May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) went into effect in the European Union (“EU”). The GDPR extends to natural persons certain rights involving the privacy of their personal information.

Our firm is the data controller for any personal information provided via our website. Our firm does not have a data protection officer in the EU. Any information that you provide us will be stored in the United States. We do not intend to transfer your personal data to another country or international organization.

We will retain any personal information that you provide via our website for seven (7) years from the date you provided or last updated that information, unless you request that information be deleted at an earlier date. If that information is subject to a litigation hold, or is required to assert or defend a legal claim, we will hold that information until the claim or action is finally resolved.

Under the GDPR, individuals are granted the following rights:

Exercising these rights

You can exercise any of the rights in this Privacy Statement by contacting our Privacy Officer as explained at the end of this Privacy Statement. 

We will review all requests we receive and will respond in a timely manner. For security reasons, we will request specific information from you to help us verify your identity before taking action on any request, and to ensure your rights of access and deletion do not adversely affect the rights of others.

We reserve the right to refuse to act on a request, or to charge a reasonable administrative fee when a request is either manifestly unfounded or excessive because of its repetitive character.

Notice to minors

Our firm’s website is not directed at and is not intended to be visited by minors. No visitor to our website who is a minor or under the age of 18 should provide any personal information to our firm. If you are a minor, do not visit our website (including our blogs and social media sites) and do not send any type of personal information about yourself to our firm or website.

No legal advice or attorney-client relationship intended

This Privacy Statement was last updated in January 2020. We occasionally will update our Privacy Statement and the terms of our website’s disclaimer. Please periodically check our Privacy Statement and our website’s disclaimer to learn of any changes to our Privacy Statement and disclaimer. This Privacy Statement supersedes all prior versions governing our website.

Privacy statement updates

Nothing contained in this Privacy Statement, or in our website or its disclaimer, is intended to provide legal advice, or to create a contractual or attorney-client relationship. You agree that visiting our website or providing information to our website does not create a contractual or attorney-client relationship.

How to contact us

We welcome your views about our website and our Privacy Statement. If you have any questions about our Privacy Statement, would like to exercise any of your rights, or would like to share any comments with us, please contact our Privacy Officer via email at